So you are engaged and are planning your wedding, but you don't know whether or not a big or small wedding is more your style? Well you are in luck! There are so many different pro's and con's for both styles, it just depends on what kind of person you and your fiancé are! No matter what anyone else says, choosing the right style for you is the most important part. Let's get into the differences between a big wedding and an intimate wedding!

Big Weddings

Larger weddings usually have a guest list of anywhere between 100-500 or more people. This is great for if you have a lot of people that you are wanting to invite to your wedding or a lot of extended family. But inviting more people means a larger costs for food, venue, drinks, etc. The average wedding cost in Texas for 2023 was $27,000. Of course, you do not have to spend that much or you can spend more if you like! But it is a good point to jump off of when looking at the cost for weddings. Your most expensive purchase for your wedding will most likely be your venue and if you are going big on the guest list, you will need a big wedding venue to accommodate all of your guests. You have to think about how all of that will play a part in your budget and how much you spend on other things like dresses and suits or wedding rings. The great thing about big weddings is that you don't have to sacrifice the guest list for a big wedding, so it is entirely up to your preference.

Intimate Weddings

Intimate weddings are great for those who have a small guest list or are balling on a budget (you can of course spend more on an intimate weddings than big weddings though). Intimate weddings are usually around 25-75 guests and are known for having the flexibility to be held pretty much anywhere! You could have your wedding on a mountain if you would prefer for your intimate wedding (so long as your guests can hike it lol). Being flexible means you can save a little on you venue and food since you do not need as much space for accommodation, but you are sacrificing having a large guest list in order to keep it small.

So.... which one should you choose?

Let me start by saying it is entirely up to you! You should do whatever is best for you and your fiancé. If you like the traditional style wedding and have a large guest list, then you should totally go for a bigger wedding! If you like personal weddings with few people and flexibility to be anywhere, then intimate is the way to go! As long as you are following your heart, your wedding will be beautiful.

Looking for a wedding photographer/ videographer? Let me be apart of your special day! I would love to capture your wedding, big or small, and create lifetime memories through my lens. If you would like to chat, please click the button below <3

Wedding photography with Alyssa S. Creative | Fort Worth, Texas
Wedding photography with Alyssa S. Creative | Fort Worth, Texas
Wedding photography with Alyssa S. Creative | Fort Worth, Texas