Hello Everyone!

If you are anything like me (a crazy planner), you probably need all the details in order to mentally and physically prepare yourself for whatever you are doing. In this blog post I am breaking down every step in the process of shooting with me just so you can know what you are expecting from your shoot! All the way from visiting my website to getting your gallery sent back to you, here is what shooting with Alyssa S. Creative will look like! Not only will this help you to prepare for working with me, but it will also give you insight on my creative process!

Tips for shooting with ASC Alyssa S. Creative | Texas portrait photographer
Tips for shooting with ASC Alyssa S. Creative | Texas portrait photographer

So you stumble upon my website...

Maybe you found me on social media and now you are just looking at my portfolio or maybe you are interested in a session! If you are interested in a session, you can navigate your way over to the "connect" section of my website and fill out the inquiry form with what type of session you want and other details that are important to the booking process. These are just some short and sweet questions for me to be able to properly book your appointment, I will ask more questions once I reach out to you via text or email. If you have questions about pricing, my base pricing are listed in the "pricing" section of my website. I have 3-4 different pricing tiers based on length and gallery size of each session that you will be sent once you fill out an inquiry.

What's after the inquiry?

Usually it only takes about 24 hours for me to see your inquiry and message you back. If it takes longer than that, feel free to reach out to me via email! I check my emails multiple times a day, but some times I can miss some things. Once I see your inquiry, I will draft up an email letting you know if I am available for your date, location ideas that fit the vibe that you mentioned in your inquiry (or if you did not I will ask what you are looking for in the session), and the pricing package that corresponds to the session you are inquiring about. I know most photographers like to have everything automated to make their lives easier (and no shame!) but I personally connect with every single one of my clients to ensure that I am getting everything that I need in order to make your shoot amazing. Most of my pricing packages include a phone consultation for the shoot, but you can always request one if yours doesn't! If we do schedule a phone consultation, here are some questions I might ask you:

  • Location ideas
  • Confirmation of date and time of shoot
  • What package are you looking at choosing?
  • Tell me in detail about the vibe you are wanting from this session?
  • Expectations for me?

Let's move onto booking

After we have discussed every detail of your session, I will go ahead and draft up a contract and invoice for your session. I know contracts can be scary sometimes, but I keep mine short and sweet and have made sure they are easy to read! Once you sign your contract you will need to pay a 50% deposit fee for your session just to reserve your spot (I also offer payment plans, which you will need to bring up to me before booking!). Now we are officially on the books and ready to shoot!

Tips for shooting with ASC Alyssa S. Creative | Texas portrait photographer
Tips for shooting with ASC Alyssa S. Creative | Texas portrait photographer

Now it's time to shoot!

Usually the night before a session, I like to go through my prep routine so I will be ready for my shoot the next day. I will take time to charge my camera batteries, clear sd cards that I will be using, clean my lenses, and look at inspiration for the shoot based off of the vibe we have agreed upon. I make sure to study the pose ideas that I have and commit them to memory for the next day! I also like to pack an emergency kit with all sorts of essentials for you! This is also a good time to pay the rest of your invoice! I usually put the deadline for the last payment on the day of the shoot but paying for it the day before = no stress the day of the shoot. Now we are ready!

I know that sessions can be nerve-racking for some people but don't you worry! You have gotten yourself prepared for this and you are going to do amazing. I usually like to start with some icebreakers to clear any tension and to introduce myself! I also let you know exactly how are session is going to happen. If you are not comfortable with a pose, let me know! I want you to feel your best. I always try to make little jokes here and there for you to come out of your shell, but I think most people laugh at the fact that I am actually not that funny (lol). Basically, I want you to be your authentic self in any way possible! My biggest piece of advice is if it feels awkward, just laugh through it! I can guaranteed that you will probably feel awkward at least once or twice, but if you laugh through it, you will feel much better leaving the shoot. Once we've got all the photos we want. It's time to go home and edit!

Editing process

I would be lying if I said I don't go home after a shoot and immediately start culling because I get so excited to edit. Editing is truly one of my favorite parts of the photography process! In your pricing package, I lay out how much time is estimated for me to deliver your gallery, but I always do next day sneak peeks for you. If I get way too excited to go home and edit, then you probably get way too excited waiting for pictures as well. While editing, I try to keep a consistent style with the rest of my portfolio, while highlighting the best parts of each picture! I think I probably spend the most time color grading than anything else.

After I am done editing, you will receive an email saying that your full gallery has been delivered. It will contain an access code that ensures that your pictures are safe, so make sure to only send it to people you trust! This would be the time to let me know if you would like your pictures posted on social media. In our contract it states that I am allowed to post the pictures promotionally, but if you would prefer for your gallery to stay off the grind please let me know and I will make sure they do not get posted!

I hope this helps you to kind of understand the step by step process in what a session with me looks like! The goal of this post is to provide you with transparency on my creative process, and hopefully ease your mind on any doubts you might be having about your shoot! Sometimes this could vary depending on your shoot, but generally I like to keep it consistent so that each of my clients is getting the best experience possible!