Ummm excuse me but where the hell did December go?! I have been so caught up in holiday festivities, weddings, sessions, and pretty much everything else that you could imagine that I forgot to update y'all on my favorites for the month! Now that we are halfway through January I thought it would be better late than never. But I promise I will be better this month and the months to come. So after a couple weeks coming... here are my December favorites.

December Favorites

  • Pink Christmas decor (while I like to keep my Christmas decor traditional colors, I have been obsessed with seeing all the pink this year!)

  • Christmas cookies (duh)

  • my new oversized Snuggie

  • Beats headphones (my holy grail)

  • hot chai lattes

  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey's version of course
December favorites | Alyssa S. Creative, DFW photographer