Hello everyone!

Since my (very) recent rebranding, I figured I would start making semi-informal blog post to showcase some of my recent galleries and tell y'all about my process! I've always loved writing so this part of the business is easy for me!

I also thought this would be a great way for my clients to get to know me outside of my more formal website about me page. Soooo without further ado I welcome everyone to The Creative, my blog space!

Alyssa S. Creative Texas portrait photographer. Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo Texas

Who is Alyssa Stevenson?

It's me, hi! I'm the gal behind ASC (peep the TS reference). I am a Fort Worth native, I have been doing photography professionally for about two and a half years, I am a college student, and am in a wonderful relationship with my boyfriend of two years. I like to say I am a pretty artsy person. If there's a project to be done, I am the kind of person to say "let's DIY it!" I am a bigggggg homebody and in most times prefer to stay in, but if you tell me you're going on an adventure, I'll be right there with you! My biggest collection is my record collection, I have 32! And my favorite drinks are chai tea lattes and Dr. Pepper (a classic Texas staple). I'm all things vintage and moody. I always tell people my post-retirement plan is to open an antique store!

While photography is one of my big passions, another passion of mine is organizing (and I mean that literally)! It might sound silly, but I love to organize things. There is something so satisfying and rewarding about the process of lining your ducks up in a row, which would explain why I want to go into event planning post college! Being able to achieve someone's dream event all while relieving them of the stresses of organizing so they are able to enjoy their big day is something I want to be able to achieve! If you stay with me long enough, you might find ASC expanding to events some day! But for now... photography is my main jam!

Alyssa S. Creative Texas portrait photographer. Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo Texas
Alyssa S. Creative Texas portrait photographer. Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo Texas

What is photography to me?

I have always taken an interest in photography and videography, even since I was a little girl. Looking back on my childhood I remember having several digital cameras that I would record life on. From editing "music videos" to taking pictures of nature around me I was there for all things camera! It wasn't until I started using my mom's Nikon D5000 that I starting to become obsessed with photography. I would take the camera everywhere I went and shoot everything I could (I would practically beg my friends to be my models). Eventually, I started becoming interest in Public Relations work because of photography and decided to pursue my Bachelors in Public Relations, which is what I'm currently working on! (Go Mean Green!)

Flash forward to today, I have been working as a marketing manager for my family's business for two years and just reached my six month anniversary with my own business! With a growing interest in event planning, I am halfway through getting my degree for Public Relations and after that I hope to start working in event coordination! My dream is to turn ASC into an event/photography company or work for a luxury event planning company.

Photography is not only my passion, but the reason I am here today! It fuels my creativity and is a constant motivation for the big goals I have for the future! I hope I can keep up photography all my life!

Alyssa S. Creative Texas portrait photographer. Palo Duro Canyon, Amarillo Texas

(Nine times out of ten this is what I'll look like on a shoot! Focused on the art, not the person behind the camera lol.)