In the swirl of fall festivities... this November has been crazy busy!!! From shoots to weddings to school to family events, I feel like this November has been a whirlwind that has flown by so quickly! That is why I am bringing you my November favorites in December (lol). They always say that time management is key when you are a photographer but I do tend to put my blogs in the back of my mind. With all that being said, here are my November favorites!

November Favorites

  • Dark lipstick colors (especially dark cherry or maroon reds!)

  • Cozy socks

  • Athleisure wear

  • Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

  • Caramel Brûlée latte (getting into the Christmas spirit!)

  • Fall colors and leaves!!

  • Braids, especially French pigtails!

  • Literally any song by Hoizer
Alyssa S. Creative DFW Photographer | November favorites